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Overview :

Kavel Enterprises is a Hyderabad based placement company established in 2014, helping organizations recruit the most suitable manpower for jobs. We also help job seekers find quality jobs with a good package and perks. Kavel takes care of the interests of both the employer and employee.

Kavel provides experienced and highly skilled executives to augment customer needs in their departments. We provide the best quality services to the employers and job seekers. We make sure we deliver on the timelines given at speed and with competence.

We offer personalized training and recruitment services in a most efficient manner and on par with market standards. Our core motto is customer trust and the integrity of our company. We will provide the best quality of Recruitment, Operations and HR Support. 

Recruitment Services

We provide Domestic recruiting and International recruiting training. With our training courses you can get premier Kavil certification. We offer all the benefits of in-person training. With our in-depth understanding of the industry and our clients, we offer the best candidates, specializing in their respective areas 

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What We Do

The Kavil enterprises help in training top talent a systematic business process. We offer a full range of training for recruiters. For those critical and hard-to-fill executive positions also we provide a unique executive training.

Different companies have different hiring and recruiting needs. For some companies, their needs are best served by a training program that is designed from the ground up. For medium and large enterprises, we select from our range of products and services to create a completely custom solution that clearly identifies what parts of hiring process need work and do the training accordingly.

Recruiters learn all aspects of hiring top talent from how to take the assignment to finding and recruiting the best active and passive candidates. The first course that combines critical recruiting and interviewing skills into one seamless program.

Committed to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, we offer personalized executive recruitment services with the objective of meeting the individual specific requirements of our clients in a most efficient manner. Our team adheres to the norms, work culture and the code of ethics of our clients.

Our services / Consultancy

1. Advertising extensively all over the country to source for the candidates as per the requirement, at our cost.

2. Identifying the right candidates from our existing data bank.

3. Screening the resumes of the applicants as per the requirement.

4. Conducting preliminary and short listing the candidates for final interview with the delegates.

5. Making all arrangements for final interviews with the client.

6. Any other services required by the client.

We have a full fledged office, run by professionals and are well staffed. Our office has all the infrastructure and modern facilities like computers, internet connections, telephones, fax, etc.



We provide training to candidates based on the client requirements, to ensure high productivity and quality of service. Our training programs are facilitated by expert trainers with extensive understanding of the subject matter & industry experience. It is now the era of professional perfectionist so we go for the best talents and groom them to perform their best in a disciplined organizational orientation.

Domestic recruitment training (INDIA)

  • Sourcing

  • Screening, Selecting and Short Listing

  • Arranging for Schedule Interviewing

  • HR Related Services

International recruiting training (USA)

International recruiting is an activity with broad appeal to U.S recruiting pattern. We offer a cohesive and well-organized guide to international recruitment and developing an effective international recruiting program. Topics covered include effective working with third-party representatives.


Mr. Vinay Mandhula

Managing Director, Kavel enterprises

Mrs. Shailaja Mandhula

Director, Kavel enterprises

Mr. Shirish Kumar.G

Advisor, Kavel enterprises

Mr. Mahender.K

Advisor, Kavel enterprises

Mrs. Smitha Shirish

HR Executive / Admin